Kimmy McHarrie

Glass & Stone Artist

Kimmy hand makes mosaics using traditional methods and materials. She uses Smalti (Venetian glass), marble, glass, stone, shell, terracotta and any found objects of interest.


Kimmy was born and brought up in the Isle of Man, a stone’s throw from the beach. After gaining her degree in graphic design and illustration, she worked in London as a designer for various publishers.


In 2001 she studied traditional mosaic-making in Ravenna, Italy, the renowned centre of Byzantine mosaics. This period rekindled her passion for collage, which has been significant in her art from the very beginning. As a child she had collected shells and stones on the beach in Castletown, Isle of Man.


Together with ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine mosaics, her influences include the frescoes of Fra Angelico, illuminated manuscripts, tapestries and petit point, textiles, naïve art and the natural world.

The sea has always been an integral part of her life, and having moved to Whitstable from Oxfordshire in 2003, she finally feels she is back where she belongs.

tel.: 01227 266672

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